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“The watches look amazing - like they might start up and speed right off your wrist. ” 

—  Robert Stillman,

                                           Far From Boring

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Every detail down to the last stitch.

The Watches Are a Fitting Tribute to The Race That Proved to be Truly Bittersweet for Miles

If you are a motorsport history buff you have no doubt heard the story, or a version of it, before...

At the end of that 1966 Le Mans race, Miles was comfortably in the lead but received orders to slow down in order to create a tight grouping among the top three cars (all GT40's) which would make for a much more dramatic and attention-grabbing photo.

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    Unfortunately, what the team officials issued the order that when two or more cars cross the finish line together, the automatic winner is the car that has traveled the furthest distance. Since McLaren's GT40 MKII had started the race 8 meters behind Miles' car, a shared first place winner was not granted due to technicality they declared McLaren the sole winner of the Le Mans 1966 race. Miles, who had already won at Sebring and Daytona, missed his chance to sweep " the Big 3 endurance races" that year.


Honoring the legendary Ken Miles.

The timepiece that truly evokes that racing emotion.

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