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Timepieces designed to Honor One of the Most Iconic Car Races of the 1960's

Over 50 years later, it's still one of the most talked about race finishes of all time and now car and watch enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to celebrate the history of that event.

We are offering our customers the privilege to choose their preferred number for the certificate of authenticity which will also be molded into the back casing of the watch. 

Preserving Memories

As  GT40 Watch owner you will receive of the official print with perpetual archival rights for your personal use only. 
The iconic photo will be signed and numbered matching the number chosen as the back case of your timepiece.



And yes, we have the watch to celebrate!


GT40 #6

Available in Gulf Blue/Orange and Black and Orange, this sturdily built features a 45 mm stainless steel case  with three sub-dials and a perfectly place #6 inside in one of the dial aligned with the 6th - PERFECT Sapphire bezel with tachymetric functions complete the speed spirit that GT 40 deserves.

Hand-built to


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